The Difference



What's so great about   ?
What's so wrong with the other options?
 •  HAILaGEEKTM techs are available the majority of the day and night, especially after normal business hours.
 •  A qualified technician is rarely available outside normal business hours.
 •  A HAILaGEEKTM qualified tech is usually available within the hour when needed, with no contract required
 •  The wait time for a qualified tech is often over 12 hours, unless you have an expensive monthly contract
 •  HAILaGEEKTM allows technicians to charge by the hour, which (not surprisingly) means “we can do that!” for your special requests.
 •  When you pay by the job, you (only) get what the big corporation has decided is part of the job. Get ready to hear “oh, we can’t do that” a lot.
 •  HAILaGEEKTM’s app empowers the customer to find the right tech to fix their problem within a few minutes.
 •  It takes the customer hours and several phone calls or online research to find the right tech.
 •  HAILaGEEKTM techs can sign on to work when it works with their life, and sign off when it doesn’t.
 •  Technicians with unpredictable work schedules can’t list their “business hours” so they miss opportunities.
 •  HAILaGEEKTM brings the work to the techs, and handles all the payment and advertising
 •  Excellent technicians are sometimes discouraged by all the administrative work required to start and promote a business
 •  HAILaGEEKTM techs are able to set their rate of pay based on fair market value of their skills, and are paid fairly for their time spent on jobs
 •  Service companies often overcharge, yet poorly compensate their techs for their skills and time, resulting in high turnover and poor service
 •  HAILaGEEKTM techs meet consumers where the repair is needed for reasonable per minute charges.
 •  Onsite service costs extra; frugal consumers have to carry their devices into the shop for repair.
 •  The HAILaGEEKTM App helps the consumer predict when the tech will arrive, how much the work will cost, and the quality of the work performed
 •  Many small tech companies suffer from poor communication, spoiling otherwise successful transactions with unclear expectations.
 •  HAILaGEEKTM lets the consumer choose exactly which tech they are comfortable working with
 •  Other tech companies usually send the tech of their choice, regardless of consumer preference
 •  As an authorized vendor, HAILaGEEKTM engages 3 skilled techs to review disputed jobs and assess the quality of the work
 •  Customers who are unhappy with a technician’s work can often only guess if their expectations were reasonable.
 •  The HAILaGEEKTM app allows techs to see what previous techs have done, preventing redundant work and cost.
 •  Without our app, independent techs don’t know what previous techs did already, causing more unnecessary work and cost.
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